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Και η Μέριλιν Μονρό ήταν περιούσια;

Όταν ο πολυγραφότατος Εβραίος θεατρικός συγγραφέας Arthur Miller γνώρισε αρχικά την Μέριλιν Μονρό σε ένα κοκτέϊλ πάρτυ στο Hollywood. Όταν συναντήθηκαν μερικά χρόνια αργότερα, μετά το διαζύγιό της με τον Jow DiMaggio, ξέσπασε μεταξύ τους έρωτας. Αλλά όταν σε ένα δείπνο έγινε μια συζήτηση για γάμο, η Μέριλιν ζήτησε κάτι παράξενο: «Νομίζω ότι θα ήθελα να έχω ένα ραββίνο».

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

Έτσι η Marilyn άλλαξε θρησκεία και έγινε Εβραία το 1956, πλαισιωμένη από τον ραββίνο Robert Goldberg,Miller και την οικογένειά του. 
Σύμφωνα με τις Jewish Times του Brookline, της Μασαχουσέτης:

Το πιστοποιητικό της Μέριλιν για την προσχώρησή της στον Ιουδαϊσμό

"Is it of your own free will that you seek admittance into the Jewish fold?" the rabbi asked.
"Yes", Marilyn said.
"Do you renounce your former faith?"
She had had none so she renounced her lack of faith. "Yes".
"Do you pledge you loyalty to Judaism? Do you promise to cast in your lot with the people of Israel amid all circumstances?"
It is good, she remembered, to suffer — if you share with others … "Yes."
"Do you promise to lead a Jewish life?"
She thought of her new family, holding each other close in a bond of love. "Yes."
"Should you be blessed with children do you agree to rear your children according to the Jewish faith?"
Her children, who would forever know who they were, who would have an answer to their questions. "Oh, yes," she said.
The Rabbi smiled at her. "Repeat after me," he said, and together they spoke the ancient words of the convert.
"I do herewith declare in the presence of God and the witnesses here assembled that I … seek the fellowship of Israel.
"I believe that God is one Almighty, Allwise, Most Holy …
The Rabbi took her hand and gave her solemnly a name chosen from the Bible — a name which she keeps entirely to herself. "With this name as token you are now a member of the household of Israel and have assumed all its rights, privileges and responsibilities." His hand was on her head.
On June 29th, 1956 she married Arthur Miller. On July 1st, 1956 they had another, Jewish, wedding ceremony.

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